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10 photos très coquines de Polina, la candiate d'Occupation Double éliminée dimanche soir


Monde de Stars

Monde de Stars

Polina est assurément la candidate d'Occupation Double dont on parle le plus, depuis dimanche soir, alors qu'elle a dû quitter l'aventure après que les gars aient choisi de l'éliminer. Mais son départ ne s'est pas fait dans le calme et la bonne entente alors que les cinq gars se sont déchirés au moment de délibérer pour s'entendre sur la fille qui devrait partir. Au final, Kiari a réussi à convaincre Mathieu et Karl que Polina serait plus « dangereuse » que Naomy et qu'il serait plus stratégique de l'éliminer puisqu'elle aurait plus de chances de se rendre loin dans l'aventure avec l'un des cinq nouveaux gars.

Polina était assurément l'une des plus belles candidates de l'édition 2019 d'Occupation Double et son compte Instagram regorge de photos les plus sexy les unes que les autres. On s'est dit qu'on vous ferait un petit top-10.

Voici donc dix photos tirées de son compte Instagram et publiées au cours des derniers mois:


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« There is infinite beauty and strength in vulnerable femininity ? #TakeControl
?: @figuranua »

« Won’t let you #TakeControl ?
We are all in control of our own destiny no matter what cards ♦️ we are handed or who tries to hold us back ...
?: ?: @nadiahoecklin »

« I honestly don’t know how to caption this one ??‍♀️ I just love this shot ??
Ideas, anyone? ??
?: @mcloutierphtgr »

« One word for y’all: Summer ☀️?
Can’t wait to go back to #Portugal#Algarve ? »

« Hello world! ? I feel happier and more confident in myself than I have in years ??? #GrowthMindset#MentalHealthAwareness
I used to suffer from really bad anxiety DAILY for years and I went through a very dark, long period of being really psychologically unwell in my life which pretty much lasted a number of years. 
For so long I had such a hard time figuring out who I was and how to have the courage and the strength to go after my dreams. Although I am over-simplifying the condition, I was overall just extremely lost and scared for a long time even AFTER I went after my dreams because the first 3 or so years were full of failures, rejections and financial struggles. 
But I never gave up on myself. Even in my worst moments, I believed deep down that I would find my light and climb out of the pit of darkness so long as I kept on going and really just kept knocking on every door I could. I was always VERY ambitious and it was not until I was able to find my balance/equilibrium between work and my relationships (relationship with myself, with my friends, my family) that I was able to gain control of my mental and begin building my happiness from within. As cheesy as it sounds, YOU truly have to learn to love yourself and to nurture yourself. Not in a narcissistic or egotistical way, but in a very healthy self-reliant and stabilizing kind of way. Be kind to yourself and be kind to the people around you and never stop going after the things you love. And hard work and determination are at the core of my philosophy, of course. But it’s important to also remember to give yourself a break every now and then to celebrate the small victories along the way! And there is no such thing as true failure unless you quit. The people who fail are the ones who stop trying. Rising up against rejection and maintaining a positive mindset only builds our strength of character! ????
#Growth #NeverGiveUp #InspireToday »

Source: Instagram Polina Grace